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L&N Carpet Cleaning Van

L&N Carpet Cleaning Van

L&N Carpet Cleaning Offers 24 hour service – so your business will not be disrupted!

Sometimes you’re just too busy to deal with daytime cleanings, or perhaps you have too much foot traffic  on a daily basis to allow the downtime it might take to clean.  That’s why we offer commercial cleaning 24 hours a day, so you can get the carpets cleaned after business hours.

L&N’s chemical cleaning process is your business cleaning solution. This process includes two steps: steam cleaning and bonnet cleaning.  Bonnet cleaning is done with a special tool that picks up the dirt and grime out of high-traffic areas.

This cleaning will refurbish your carpet — L&N is one of the only companies that still offers this type of cleaning!

These are some more of the services we offer to our commercial cleaning customers:

  • Commercial Carpet cleaning
  • Commercial Painting
  • Commercial Power washing
  • Commercial Water Damage/Flood restoration
  • Commercial Carpet restoration and repairs
  • Commercial Air Duct cleaning