Got Premature Wrinkles?



Got Premature Wrinkles?

We can fix them! With over 30 years of experience, the staff at L&N Carpet Cleaning is  highly skilled in the fine art of carpet re-stretch and repair.

There are many causes for “waves” and “wrinkles” in carpeting.  The most common reason a carpet will develop wrinkles, is poor installation. Many carpet installers are paid by the yard. The faster they work the more money they can make per hour. Unfortunately, this is not always conducive to a quality installation job. One of the most common shortcuts is to use a knee kicker, instead of a power stretcher, to tighten the carpet against the wall. Not even a 300 pound ex-football player can put enough force behind a knee kicker to properly tighten a new carpet. The resulting wrinkles usually don’t show up for at least a year or more…long after the installer is gone.

 Other causes of premature wrinkling are: old age, flooding, dragging heavy furniture across the carpet, and installation of improper carpet cushion. We have seen a lot of problems with 5/8″ and 3/4″ thick pad, which is virtually not sold today, as most mills will not warrant carpet if the pad is thicker than 1/2″, with 7/16″ being preferred.

 Besides re-stretching, the staff at L&N Carpet cleaning can also perform re-seams, burn repairs, patches, and pet damage repairs.

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