What to Do Before Your Professional Carpet Cleaning Appointment



Relax, let L N Carpet Cleaning do all the work for you.

Relax, let L N Carpet Cleaning do all the work for you.

Now that you have your appointment set up with L&N Carpet Cleaning, you may wonder what you should do to prepare for your professional carpet cleaning appointment?

The answer is….very little.

You’ve just done yourself a valuable favor and have hired a reputable company to do all of the hard work for you.  There are, however, a few suggestions to get the most out of your Professional Carpet Cleaning experience:

  • Pick up small items from the floor, such as: children’s toys, stacked books, and the dogs bed.
  • Remove breakables, such things as lamps or vases, from tables that you know will be moved.
  • Vacuuming prior to our arrival will maximize your results.
  • Your front door will be open while we clean. Consider this if you have pets or small children, as you may want to make arrangements.
  • Plan on using fans if you want to speed up the dry time on your carpets or furniture.

Congratulations! Now all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your newly professionally cleaned carpets.