Protect Your Investment – A Guide for Caring for your Carpets

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Protect your investment. Have your carpets professioally cleaned at least cnce a year.; more if you have high traffic, children, or pets.


The Carpeting in your home can often be among your largest interior investments. Regular maintenance, along with taking precautions,can extend its life and save you money.  Consider the following tips for keeping your carpets looking and feeling its best:

Carpets are a magnet for allergens, dirt, pet dander, pollutants, and they can absorb odors.

*Take preventive measures. One of the worst culprits can be stains and excess soil in your carpets; however, preventing excessive soil and stains is easy. Place mats at entry doors to help contain loose dirt and mud. Remove shoes when inside your home. Keep beverages and food in non-carpeted areas. Be sure your pets are house-broken or watch them carefully when they are on your carpet.

*Vacuum often. Vacuuming helps remove loose soil before it becomes embedded into carpets, and causes more damage and wear. High traffic areas should be done at least 3-4 times a week, and lower traffic areas at least 1 time weekly. Be sure to keep filters clean in your vacuum and empty them often to optimize its performance.

*Treat stains immediately when they happen. Clean up spills by blotting, not rubbing, with a clean, white towel. Treat with a quality product,  like our Perky Stain Remover. Avoid over the counter stain treatments, as many may set the stain or discolor your carpet.  Rinse with clear water and blot dry.

*Have Carpets Steam Cleaned by ProfessionalsMake sure you are using an established professional company. We recommend that you clean your carpets 1-2 times every year, more if you have high traffic, pets or children. Do not wait until your carpets appears soiled, as damage may have already occurred and stains may be permanently set in. Regular cleaning will keep your carpets looking fresh and newer, longer.