L&N’s Awesome 3 Ways To Clean Your Carpet!


Steam Cleaning:

L&N offers the deepest cleaning with one of the most powerful, most highly rated cleaning systems in America, The Butler System. This system cleans your carpet all the way down to the backing, without damaging any of the latex and padding. The thicker your carpet, the longer it may take to dry; however, steam cleaning is definitely the best way to clean your residential carpets! This process will help to eliminate germs, dirt, and pet odors.  Also, with all of our products being environmentally friendly (safe for pets, people with extensive allergies, and your young children) where can you go wrong? You can’t!!!





 Dry Cleaning:

Dry cleaning is a surface cleaning only, meaning it doesn’t get any stains or odors that have falling below the top of your carpet. We usually recommend this cleaning if you get your carpets cleaned about 4 to 6 times a year and just need a ‘touch up’ in between and our dry cleaning procedure is perfect for customers will little or no time for wet carpets, with a dry time of usually 30 minutes! This is an awesome way to get your carpets cleaned and have some friends over for a great time in the same day. 



Chemical Cleaning:

L&N’s two step process of chemical cleaning is used for commercial jobs and natural fiber carpets only. Businesses with high traffic areas use this method and find it amazing! We have the ability to use our great steam cleaning method, followed by a very effective Bonnet cleaning. The Bonnet cleaning is what gets all of the dirt and grime right out of your carpet, making the carpet look absolutely fantastic! This method refurbishes your carpet along with removing all the unsightly dirt and grime. We are now the only company left to offer this type of cleaning to companies with these type of issues. 




Whether your a residential customer or a commercial customer, we have the right method to get your carpet looking its absolute best.