Environmentally Friendly

 L&N Carpet Cleaning offers our customers environmentally safe products for their home!  We receive calls every day from conscious minded customers, wanting to know if our products are safe for the environment, their kids, or their pets. All of the products we use are indeed safe, and we clean at a neutral position, not leaving your carpet too soapy or too acidic.  

We also sell products for you to use in your home after we’ve cleaned, all of which are safe too. Our Perky Spot Cleaner is a citrus based spot remover. This is by far the best spot cleaner on the market. Stains that you thought will never come out can be cleaned up easily.

Another  great product we have available  is our Absorbent Powder. It’s a Powder that you sprinkle over a spill and leave it. Once dry, all you do is vacuum it up!  People are amazed every time they use this at home, and always call us when they run out. 

L&N Carpet Cleaning treats your house like it’s our house, and will only provide the safest, most effective products available.